Photography by Brittney Gurr

I was so excited to be a part of a photo shoot for a brand I truly love! I am totally serious when I say that I became OBSESSED with this brand when one of my girlfriends gave me a swaddle set as a gift for my second daughter. Thank you Paige! A year later I was pregnant again, shopping at a local market here in Arizona when I met the owner Kerri and complimented her on how much I loved her product. I was in the market to shop for some "boy stuff" and Kerri took the time to walk through all the swaddle set options she had and helped me pick out the perfect one to bring my little man home in! I chose the light grey swaddle and beanie set from KB Cute Designs and I can't tell you how many compliments my little bud received. 


The materials that Kerri uses for all of her products are light weight and SUPER soft, I'm telling you the kind of fabric that melts on your skin! I love the feel. She makes everything from swaddles to beanies, headbands, nursing/car seat covers, crib sheets and Boppy covers. She doesn't miss a beat! I made a little gallery down below so you can scan, but check out her website!


I about died from cuteness overload being at this photoshoot and seeing all these little nuggets! There were at least a dozen babies that were only weeks and some even days apart. It was definitely special being surrounded by so much love, not to mention so many sweet and down to earth mommas. 

The light gray swaddle on the left is the one i chose for russell in the hospital

The light gray swaddle on the left is the one i chose for russell in the hospital

All of these beautiful photos were taken by Brittney Gurr, who is an extremely talented and patient photographer.  She handled all these babes like a champ, including spit ups, fussy moments, and us nursing moms. I'd highly recommend her for family photos if you're looking for someone locally here in Arizona.