My daughter is absolutely obsessed with painting her nails, putting on lipgloss, and braiding her hair. So when it came to hosting her 5th birthday party, I knew I had to incorporate her love for all things beauty! My goal with this blog post is to make what looks like an over-the-top party EASY for you to replicate.



  • spa robes and hair wraps- I found them both on amazon! There are so many different colors and ones with designs so choose your theme and coordinate colors with the rest of the decor

  • table cloth- I purchased mine on amazon 5 years ago for another event and re-used them. But another great option is those plastic table cloths from party stores

  • white paper plates- purchased from the DollarStore in 12 packs

  • clear plastic wash bowl - purchased in 8 packs from Dollar Store

  • wash cloths- found in 4 packs at the dollar store, wrap it with ribbon and tie it off with a sprig of some real or fake greenery. I bought a bunch of fake greenery and flowers that I used for the rolled towels and also as centerpiece for the tables


  • DIY face masks- I found these ‘say yes to cucumbers’ masks that you MIX YOURSELF at the Dollar Store. Masks are typically so expensive and I wasn’t about to buy expensive ones, so this was a perfect compromise. The girls loved mixing it themselves and getting a little messy

  • Bedazzle spa slippers- I purchased disposable spa slippers in bulk on amazon. I had my daughter slip her foot in one and I traced around, leaving some extra room to accommodate girls with bigger feet. I cut the slippers down to size for each guest and provided them with a cup of jewels I found at a craft store along with some Elmer’s glue.

  • Nails/ Makeup- I had a couple babysitters help to do nails and makeup for the girls. I purchased some nail stickers to make the mani’s a little more fun, and made sure to have enough for everyone to bring a pack home to enjoy!

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