It's been a long last 24 hours traveling from Hawaii to Arizona, unpacking, laundry, grocery shopping, juggling baby and my hubby's needs all while trying to catch up on the season finale of the Bachelorette! I'm not even half way through and it's Wednesday?!?! Ugh... While I WISH that was the worst of my worries, I have to say my skin takes the cake. From the harsh sun in Honolulu to the recycled air on the plane, I'm in dire need of a facial. My go to cure is what I call my 

facial in a bag


This essence gel pack mask is called


. It's a product created in Korea,

in my opinion

the world headquarters for all beauty products

, and rejuvenates your skin just like a facial. One mask sheet is in each package and fits all face shapes. I apply this mask to my face for 30 minutes and let the gel do it's magic. 

Why does it work?

  • The WHEN is way better than competing masks because it has a water-retention ration over 10 times the amount of others
  • The gel ingredients include fermented coconut juice, which delivers a high volume of fluid and nutrients to your skin

Quick tips...

  • When you're done using The WHEN, rub the gel leftover into your skin
  • Take the leftover mask and rub it on your neck and hands for extra moisture before throwing it away
  • Take a package with you on any trip. You never know WHEN you'll need that mini facial!

You can purchase The WHEN


or at any Sephora.