I know what you're all thinking... look at those chunky monkey legs! I hear it all day long being Chacha's mommy :) But today I want you to look past those edible legs, and all the rolls, down to her kicks (or should I say moccs) that she is rocking on her cute little feet. It's all about

Freshly Picked

moccasins today, the PERFECT shoe for Chacha to go exploring through our tropical backyard!

These gold moccs are 100% genuine leather, comfortable and will stay on your munchkin's feet (which we all know is close to impossible with a little one). Chacha is mesmerized by the color and loves reaching to play with her feet when she wears them. No wonder so many celebrities have their kiddos rocking these! You can tell they are made with nothing but love and care and are the perfect memory to look back on when your child grows up.

 I paired Chacha's moccs with a simple citrus tank from Baby Gap and some ruffle cotton shorts.

Photos by the incredible

David Schauf

 As I have been mentioning over the past week, I will be starting a giveaway this Monday, July 14th, where I will be giving away some AMAZING stuff for you and your baby. I couldn't be more excited!!! Eeeek! These adorable moccasins along with some other baby accessories and swag for Mama can be yours by following some easy steps that I will announce this Monday. Be sure to check out the blog first thing Monday morning to see how you can enter and win!

Baby Gap Citrus Tank

 (on sale),

Baby Gap Ruffle Shorts


Freshly Picked Moccasins


Fighting Eel Orange Tank,

Lace White Shorts TJ Maxx,

Mahina Turqouise Hoop Earrings


Imi ring