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David Schauf

While finding the PERFECT bikini is uber important for a summer getaway, don't underestimate the outfit you choose to go over it.  A cute coverup is a MUST!

San Lorenzo Bikinis

not only has swimsuits for all shapes and sizes, but also a ton of coverups. Whether you're looking for shorts and a top, a maxi, dress, rompers, kimonos... you name it, THEY'VE GOT IT!

All of the clothing they carry is super light-weight, comfortable, and ideal for a mommy on the go! What I love about the materials

San Lorenzo

uses is a lot of them have a pattern or tye-dye look that makes it impossible to notice a stain. With Chacha I am constantly dealing with spit up, so these clothes are perfect for hiding any sort of stain.

If you ask any of my best friends, they all know that a romper is my go-to outfit. It's quick, simple, and I don't have to think about matching a top to a bottom. When I saw the caged-back

Zanzibar Jumpsuit

, I knew it was done deal. I absolutely love the cut, and the drawstrings on the side which make it fit better for my petite frame. My must-have pick of the week for sure!

Thanks for joining Chacha and me on our shopping trip to

San Lorenzo Bikinis

! The next time you come to Hawaii you definitely have to check it out, otherwise you have the internet, which is better because they have a


;) Aloha!

Tiare Eyelit Shorts


Zanzibar Jumpsuit


Ombre Lei Dress


San Lorenzo Drop Earrings

 (similar available online),

Shave Ice Crop Top


Pineapple Crop Top