Being on television, I always had to look my best whether I was behind the anchor desk or out reporting in the middle of a snow storm. A beauty regiment that guaranteed a great T.V. look were my eyelash extensions, which I had applied and reapplied for two years straight! It wasn't until after I gave birth to my daughter that I realized I didn't need those rediculously long butterfly lashes anymore. I have to admit, immediately after I had them removed I felt completely naked. My lashes were almost non-existent! I immediately invested in a number of eyelash enhancers but couldn't start using them until after I finished breastfeeding (never use any of these products without consulting your doctor).

Here are the three that I tried:

  • Rapid Lash
  • Li Lash
  • Latisse

Rapid Lash

: I first started with this enhancer. I applied the serum along my lash line once a day for a month straight and did not see much of a difference in my lashes. I think the length I gained was natural growth from having my extensions removed. This serum is also the cheapest of all three. Less than half the price of the rest.

Li Lash

: I've actually tried this serum once before and saw a gradual growth and fullness in my lashes. However, after a couple weeks of using Li Lash, I noticed my lash line getting red and itchy. I immediately stopped using it, and it took close to a week for the redness and irritation to go away. While I had a bad reaction to this product, I have some girlfriends who swear by it! One of them looks like she has mink eyelash extensions on 24/7 and it is because of this product!


: There are A LOT of good and bad reviews about this product so I was extremely skeptical about using it. I consulted my doctor and a beauty specialist before using it and they all warned me that if I had the same reaction as I did to Li Lash to stop using it immediately. I know this is going to sound crazy, but after only 3 days of using Latisse I noticed a HUGE difference. The length and thickness I gained was beyond what I expected, even my husband complimented me! You know when your hubby notices something little like your eyelashes that you have a good product! This small container seen in the picture above lasts for a couple months and I'm still in the process of using it.

Overall, I think eyelash enhancers are a great way to go if you're looking for that extra length but don't have the money or time to invest in eyelash extensions. Make sure to always consult a doctor or a specialist before using a new product and feel free to email me on your experience with any of these products or any others. I love hearing your feedback!