Photography by the beautiful

Monica Mae

It's hard to hold onto a gorgeous summer tan. I've been milking the one I got in Hawaii, but the inevitable fade is happening! One product I rely on in this situation is 

Jergens Natural Glow

lotion. I've used tons of self tanners in the past, but I've always been that girl who's ended up with orange hands or my personal favorite, streak marks! Definitely a

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! Jergens Natural Glow is a product that works gradually, which is what I love. I usually apply it after the shower generously onto my legs and arms. I start to notice a nice glow after a week of application. It's a great product to know about the next time you're headed on a vacation and need a base tan, or if you're like me trying to hold onto the one you've got. You can purchase Jergens Natural Glow


or at just about any drug store.