I was already obsessed with Trader Joe's for its food, but after testing out their beauty products I was beyond impressed. Here are three of my must-try skin products from TJ's:

Coconut Body Butter: $5

 I'm a sucker for anything with coconut. This coconut body butter is rich with vitamins and the thick buttery consistency is perfect for cracked skin. I keep a jar of this in my nightstand and rub it on my elbows, heels, and hands right before bed. It smells fantastic!

Vitamin E Oil: $4

My mom introduced me to Trader Joe's Vitamin E Oil years ago. Rub the oil on any areas you have scaring to help them fade faster. Use it as a cuticle oil or in your bath to help with moisturizing. This oil is also a great replacement for lotion on the days you cut yourself shaving. Rub this on for sting-free moisturizing. Vitamin E Oil is also fragrance free, so the possibilities are endless with it.

Lavender Salt Scrub: $6

Forget about spending tons of money on some fancy spa scrub. This Lavender Salt Scrub is only $6, smells incredible, and smooths away dead skin in one use! This container will last you for months and leaves my skin silky smooth.

Trader Joe's has tons of other beauty products that are worth checking out. It seems like every time I visit shopping there is something new to test out. A fun and


way to pamper yourself!