I heard about


line of skin care products through girlfriends, but I didn't realize just how much they offered! From baby, to skin care, and health, Arbonne definitely has it covered. I'll break down some of my favorites so far:

Intensive Renewal Serum

: The first thing I noticed with this RE9 line from Arbonne is how soft and soothing it was when applying it to my skin. I have pretty tough skin from all the sun exposure I've seen living in California, Hawaii and now Arizona. This serum glides on smooth and has a tiny bit of a tightening effect from what I've noticed. It makes sense since the ingredients include collagen which helps with fine lines and wrinkles, something I've slowly started developing after having my daughter.

Energy Fizz Sticks

: When you're a mom on the go, just about ANYTHING in a small, travel size package is my favorite thing. These fizz sticks were no exception. More often than I like, I find myself going an entire afternoon without grabbing a bite to eat. There's just too much to do! I popped this energy stick yesterday in citrus, and woah! Talk about an explosion of kiwi's! Loved it. Just pour it in a water bottle and it definitely gives you that kick to go a bit longer. It's a great little back up package to have in your purse!

Corrective Eye Creme

: TWant to wake yourself up? This cream is like putting a burst of oranges around your eyes that not only smells delicious but feels cooling. It's perfect for those mornings you feel puffy and swollen.

I currently have the small tubes of baby Arbonne samples in my Diaper bag and will keep you posted on how I like them once they are used!

A special thanks to Arbonne Rep Michelle Lawhead for thinking of me and sending all of her fabulous products! For more information on Arbonne, you can click