Had a blast making these sweet little treats last night with my girlfriend! My friend Ren is an absolute pro at decorating cupcakes and gave me a lesson in cake decorating with fondant.  Here's an easy break down of how we did it:

Chai Latte Frankensteins

I purchased the cake mix from Target, Archer Farms brand


Green food coloring

Fondant (can be found at specialty store of craft store)

Candy eyes (can be found in most baking aisles)

Black frosting

Rolling pin

Cup for cutting out circles

Frosting tips

1. Add a couple of drops of the food coloring to your fondant and kneed it until it's dispersed throughout

2. Flatten the fondant using a rolling pin

3. Use a cup to cut out circles that fit your cupcake to size and place on top of your cupcake

4. Roll little pieces of fondant to use as the Frankensteins eyebrow and place candy eyes underneath using frosting

5. Add stitches and hair to yore Frankenstein using black frosting

Red Velvet Mummies

You can also use chocolate cupcakes, or any other cake that is dark to make the eyes pop 


White frosting

Candy eyes (can be found in most baking aisles)

Frosting tips

1. Using white frosting from a box, I striped frosting on the top and bottom of the cake, and made sure to leave an opening for the eyes

2. Put two dots of frosting in the opening and place eyes on top


Make sure your frosting and cupcakes are cold before applying, otherwise your mummy strips won't show