Photography by

Monica Mae

These drinks were not only simple to make, but a total hit at my Halloween party last weekend! It's all about having fun and making memories for the little ones when it comes to the holidays, so why not have gooey worms crawling out of their juice? Here's the simple recipe and a quick tip if you're planning on freezing some gummy worms...



- V8 Mango Peach Juice (You can easily switch this out for any juice you like)

- Sprite (this makes it a little bubbly, but can easily be left out)

- Gummy Worms (2 small bags)

- Ice cube trays

Drink Recipe


Each drink is two parts juice, and one part sprite

Two ice cubes in each drink

Ice Cube Tips


- Use silicone ice cube trays to make the ice cubes easy to pop out once it's frozen

- Put each tray on a flat surface (I used a storage container lid) to allow the gummy worms to hang out of each cube. This insures the worm won't get frozen to a shelf in your freezer

- Freeze the day before your party