CREW & LU PHOTO SHOOT | rollover doughnuts | PHX

Photography by the lovely Heather Kinkel, styling by the beautiful Ricki Uster

I can't even begin to explain my excitement when I was asked to do some custom art for this photo shoot! Not to mention, my Chacha girl got to model! Double eeeek!!!

First off, I had a total crush on the designer of this line, Crew&Lu. I don't think it requires any explanation, I mean look at how beautiful the clothes are! Uyen is the brains behind this locally-made clothing line and you can tell each piece is made with love. 

Definitely take a look at her website and you are bound to find something you love! Whether it's maxi skirts for your mini, or rompers with a timeless print, your little is sure to turn heads in these clothes. 

For the art I created, I broke out my acrylics and mixed some creamy grays and pinks together to create a soft and welcoming trio of paintings. I'm always open to custom work and loved creating something special that worked for the feel of this bright and playful shoot.

I can't end this blog post without giving HUGE props to the incredible mama's behind the scenes... Heather Kinkel you truly have a gift behind the camera lens, and Ricki Uster your eye for styling is on point!