Photography by  Karlie Colleen

Photography by Karlie Colleen


I have been struggling to find bath products that are gentle enough for my kids, especially my second daughter Clementine. Of my three children, my sweet Clementine has the most sensitive skin. It seems like most bath products drain all the moisture out of her skin, so I'm always lathering the lotion and giving her oatmeal baths to help make up for it. 

I started using Be Good products on my girls a couple months ago and have waited this long to write a review because I wanted it to be honest.

My favorite product is the natural cleansing wash. I immediately noticed that this wash has a soft texture that is gentle on Clementine's skin. It is softly scented with a baby powder-clean smell and I love how it doesn't have to be scrubbed off. A lot of soaps we've tried in the past leave a soap residue floating in the tub, definitely NOT the case with this cleanser. In combination with using the Be Polite cleansing wash, I have also practiced using body soap every other night. Our pediatrician says it can cause dryness so the combination has definitely helped my baby girl's skin.

The Be Honest, two-in-one shampoo and conditioner works wonderful for lathering, and leaves a refreshing smell on my girls long locks.  However, with the TONS of hair both my girls have I do need to use an extra leave-in-conditioner after they get out of the bath. Both my girls' hair needs extreme after bath conditioning to tame their manes!!!


I've been very consistent about using the Be Caring body lotion every evening before bed, and it wasn't until a couple weeks ago that I started noticing Clementine's skin on her body starting to feel soft again. For the past couple of months she's had a rough layer of skin all over her tummy and legs, that has finally disappeared 100%! Thank the lord! Living in the desert doesn't help, so choosing the right product has been imperative for her.


All of the products are filled with only the good stuff; free of parabens, gluten, synthetic dyes, bpa, or animal by-products. All in all, this products is pure, safe, and my kids and I both love them! There's nothing better than seeing results, am I right? I've even started using it for my baby boy and Chacha loves bathing her baby brother with them too! 

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