Clementine and her 'Clementine'

Photography by Karlie Colleen

Photography by Karlie Colleen

My sweet Clementine has been attached at the hip with her monkey from the moment they first met. Funny enough, her monkey was named Clementine, so it really was fate I think ;)


Blabla Kids dolls have been accumulating by the masses in our house, not only because my daughter loves them, but I do too! You cannot beat these modern, eco-friendly, and hand-made toys. They are super cute to look at, nothing obnoxious like a lot of the plastic toys you see nowadays. But most importantly, all these little characters have names, stories, and personalities that make them special for your kids. 

If the dolls aren't for you, Blabla Kids has TONS of other beautiful products like their baby mobiles (featured above) baby rattles, pillows, blankets and gift sets! There is seriously so much to choose from and all the products come with the same high standard and quality as the dolls my baby girl loves so much.

I'm so sad that Clementine the monkey has been discontinued, but there are so many dolls to choose from. Unicorns, cats, bunnies, bears, and even mermaids, they have you covered! It makes the perfect holiday gift! Speaking of holiday gifts, we are surprising our Clementine with a Giant Clementine for Christmas! Ahhhhh! My husband and I cannot wait to see the look on our baby girl's face when she opens her up. I know it will be a tear jerker for sure. If you're interested in those, the Giant dolls are 3 feet tall and are sure to be a fantastic addition to your child's room! I know it will be a new BFF for Clementine ;)

Also, be sure to check out my giveaway with Blabla Kids for a $75 shop credit running today through Sunday, December 17th on Instagram. Follow my profile @modernmoni for all the details.

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