Happy ONE MONTH baby Ru!

I couldn't be happier to have captured the birth of my son. My husband fought me on having a videographer from the moment I brought it up, but I am so happy I overruled him. LOL. To have my final moments of pregnancy, the delivery of my son, and my daughters meet their brother on film is priceless! Now the hubby understands and agrees after seeing the finished product. Momma always knows best, am I right?!?!

I came to be in touch with Trellany of Joy Filmz through a recommendation. It was a little more difficult than I thought to plan out a videographer because a lot of people are out of town here in Arizona during the summer months. Even Trellany wasn't sure if she would be in town for Russell's birth but I am so happy the timing worked out perfect! Well, kinda...

Trellany told me whenever I go into labor to keep her up to date on my progress as if she is my Mom. I think I kept her even more in the loop than my mom when it came down to it! My water broke at my 38 week check up, so off my husband and I rushed to the hospital at 2:30 in the afternoon to be admitted. It was the hottest day of the year here in Arizona and reached a whopping 120 degrees! OMG! I'll never forget that heat! I guess it triggered a lot of mommy's to go into labor that day because triage was packed to capacity when I arrived. I had to wait a while until they brought me immediately into my delivery room. 

Having delivered twice before, I knew what to expect but I can honestly say that I WAS NOT expecting to have such a hard time with the IV. I had two nurses and four attempts (aka four PAINFUL trials at the needle and catheter in my arm) before they brought in the anesthesiologist to try and find a vein that would work! (insert the shocked emoji face here) It KILLED! This was by far the worst part of my delivery. I had bruises all over my arms for over a week post partum.

Once they finally got my IV started, my contractions were too slow so we started pitocin to get things going.  From 4pm until 10pm I labored and hardly dilated. I kept Trellany in the loop every time they checked my progression but everything continued slow until it hit 10pm. Even though my nurse had just checked my dilation 30 minutes prior, I paged her to come in and check me again because I started to feel a very familiar pressure down there. When she checked me, I had progressed from 6cm all the way to 10cm in just 30 minutes!!! I was freaking out because Trellany told me to text her when I was 8cm and I was ready to start pushing. 

My doctor arrived at 11:30pm and asked if I wanted to have Russell on the 20th or 21st since I was delivering so close to midnight. I think my husband is still annoyed to this day that I chose to wait until the 21st. All because I wanted to wait for my videographer to arrive and capture the special moment! I know lots of people are probably reading this and thinking I was being ridiculous, but I knew this was my last child. I only had this one chance to capture the birth of any of my children and I knew I wanted to have this video to remember. 

Trellany rushed into the delivery room at 11:45 and we got the ball rolling after my doctor finished delivering another patient of his just one room over. Russell practically came flying out because after one and a half pushes my doctor started telling me to STOP! My little Russell Kei came into our world at 12:33 am on June 21, weighing 6lbs and 4.5oz. He has been smothered with love since the moment he came out and seeing his sisters love on him even more makes me cry like a baby. 

I hope you enjoy the video and feel free to ask me any questions about filming your birth. Trellany was a total professional and if I could go back in time I would have videotaped every single one of my children's births.