Photos by  Karlie Colleen Photography   Chilling in a Banana Split!

Photos by Karlie Colleen Photography

Chilling in a Banana Split!

Ice cream stand in the beginning and end of the museum

Ice cream stand in the beginning and end of the museum

I know I'm not the only one who's seen all the cool pictures on social media from the ice cream museum in L.A. or San Francisco, so when my girlfriend told me they had a mini Art of Ice Cream Museum in Scottsdale I knew it would be a must see for me and the kiddos!

The perfect pink lounge

The perfect pink lounge

I decided to make it a fun little birthday visit for my daughter Clementine who turned 2 years old, and the experience did not disappoint! Before you walk into the 'freezer door' to enter the museum you get a fun polaroid picture of your whole group to take home with you. The first room you enter is an ice cream boxing ring. It's kind of hidden in the back corner window, but there's a bin of ice cream boxing gloves to wear and to use as props for photos.



Even though there is a limited amount of people allowed to enter the museum every 30 minutes, it still gets SUPER CROWDED! We ended up hanging back and allowing most of the visitors to move to the next room so we could get these fun photos of just my kiddos and their friends. I'd also recommend going on an off-day in the middle of the week to help avoid crowds. We went in the late morning of Super Bowl Sunday which I thought would be less busy, but I was still surprised by the number of people.

Tickets are available for advance purchase online here and I would also check out their instagram page for special discounts on tickets @artoficecreamexperience. They were running a special for $5 off each ticket on Super Bowl Sunday.


i'm embarrassed to admit that I checked out photos of the museum beforehand and saw they had this banana wall!!! I am 100 percent that crazy mom that brought my son's banana swimsuit to match the wall! LOL! But at least I wasn't the only one changing their son into clothes to match the theme!!! Shout out to my girlfriend Paige for giving me the banana memo!


This museum is a must-see for anyone visiting town! It is super cute, and an easy walk for little ones that you can finish in about 30-40 minutes depending on how many pictures you take! Just make sure you're prepared for some sugar-high-crazy kids! At the very end of the tour, you get to choose between 4 flavors of ice cream to finish the tour off on a sweet note!

Special thank you to Karlie Colleen Photography for capturing my darling Clementine's Birthday!