I'll never forget the first time I brought my daughter to the beach. Not for the incredible memories, but because of how unprepared I was :( Not only was it hot and miserable, but I had a very unhappy baby that was making sure everyone else on the beach knew it. Let's just say that trip was short lived.

Since then, I've learned my lesson and have always packed the following to make sure Chacha girl and I have the best time!

  • Cabanas: Never hesitate to go to a beach that provides a cabana. The place we frequent rents them by the hour or for the day. This is seriously the best money you will ever spend. If your baby needs to nap, if it starts to rain, if it is way too hot, you're covered!
  • The Beach Bag: Invest in an extra large, durable, beach bag that fits everything! I have one that is water proof and it is a lifesaver.
  • Cover Up: When Chacha girl is done swimming, it's always nice to rinse her off and keep her dry in a cover up. I purchased a terry cloth one from Splendid, but they have similar ones at Target right now. If you don't find this necessary, definitely bring an extra change of clothes for after you're done with the water.
  • Hat: Make sure you always keep your babes precious face protected from the sun. There are lots of great UV protection hats out there!
  • Sunscreen: I've tried a number of baby sunscreens and found I love Babyganics mineral based sunscreen. I love how it sprays and rubs on easily. They also come in travel size and I keep one in literally every pocket, bag, car and stroller.
  • Toys: This obviously depends on your baby's age, but I always bring things that can get wet and sandy and can easily be rinsed off.
  • Bottle: I know it seems obvious, but always pack one more bottle than you need! The last thing you want is to end a great beach day early because you forgot that extra bottle.
  • Sunglasses: Chacha girl has very light colored eyes and I always make sure to protect them when the sun is shining bright. I've purchased a number of baby sunglasses, but none of them have fit my daughter as comfortably as Babiators. They are light weight and actually stay on her little face! 

Photography by

David Schauf

The last two I promise:


: This plush pillow has saved me so many times on the beach. Whether I use it to prop my arm during a feed or Chacha girl uses it for napping, the


is always great to have especially if you don't have a cabana.

Swaddle blankets

: No matter where I go I have these with me. The last time I used it on the beach was because strong winds were picking up sand and stinging us all over. These were a life saver for protecting Chacha in that situation.

Aden + Anais

make ones that are breathable, perfect for hot beach weather :)