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 Had so much fun today with a little impromptu photo shoot of Chacha and her bestie! The secret to a good photo shoot? Cookies of course!!! We had a blast. Wishing everyone a day filled with lots of cuddles, hugs, and kisses!

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After traveling to New York, I have a new found appreciation for parents who live in big cities. Commuting from one place to another with a baby is really tough if you live in a place primarily run by public transportation and taxis. Prior to our trip, I went on the internet in search of a plan to get around the city in the most convenient way. 

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My little princess who slept soundly through the night is now being woken by those unforgiving teething pains. At 8 months old, and with two of her bottom teeth grown in, I thought the rest would be easy? Right? Over night she got 4 teeth and she DEFINITELY let me know about it! With all the tears, and testing of what seems like dozens of teething remedies, I thought it was appropriate to write about what's worked for her! Hopefully it helps you!!!

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This project took me a couple of days to complete, but the finished product is worth the effort! My daughter LOVES to look at all the hearts floating above her while she's on the changing table. Not to mention, the entire thing cost me $5 bucks. Not a bad deal considering how expensive artwork can be. You can custom this however you like, think different shapes! Circles, flowers, squares, bears, any easy shape to trace can be made into this wall art. Enjoy!

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