My little princess who slept soundly through the night is now being woken by those unforgiving teething pains. At 8 months old, and with two of her bottom teeth grown in, I thought the rest would be easy? Right? Over night she got 4 teeth and she DEFINITELY let me know about it! With all the tears, and testing of what seems like dozens of teething remedies, I thought it was appropriate to write about what's worked for her! Hopefully it helps you!!!

Something cold


Everyone says give your baby something cold, well Chacha isn't too fond of holding that ice cold teething toy or wash cloth. Instead, I use the

Boon Teething Feeder

. Stuff it with bananas, avocado, or any other mushy fruit and store it in the fridge. When the teething pain comes, I pop it in Chacha's mouth and she goes to town! Not only is it a yummy snack, but the cold soothes her pain while keeping her little fingers warm.

Something to chew


I went out and bought four different teething rings, ones that you freeze, ones with bumps, organic ones, wooden ones, you name it! OF COURSE she doesn't use any of them, and instead can't get enough of her

alphabet bath toys

. Yes, the foam ones that you stick on the sides of the bath tub. She will spend a solid 15 minutes chewing the (you know what) out of those letters and can't get enough. I now keep these in every room of the house and it keeps her occupied for minutes (which is hours in mommy world).

Something to rub on those gums


Tubes, tablets, tylenol, there are TONS of medications out there! While I've heard great things about all of them,

Teething Gel

seems to deliver the fastest relief for my Chacha. I squeeze a pea size amount of the gel onto my finger and rub it onto her gums. I've been doing this for the past couple of days before bed and it seems to be working! Fingers crossed!

Keep me posted on any other teething remedies you ladies or gents may have! I'm always opened to hearing suggestions!

Hylands Teething Gel


Boon Pulp Silicone Feeder


Alphabet Bath Toys

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