Photograph by the gorgeous

Monica Mae

"Pa, pa, pa, Pine-apple!" It's all I've been doing lately, sounding out those letters in hopes my Chacha girl will repeat! Thus far no pineapple, but we've heard both "Mama

" and "Dada!" (Not on a consistent basis though) so I'm not too excited just yet. In the mean time, we are working on sounding out everything from fruits and veggies to animals and people. I'll keep you posted on Chacha's progress as we get closer to the big 9! 9 months that is!

P.S. My friend and talented photographer

Monica Mae

just delivered a healthy baby boy last week and I wanted to send my love to her and the entire family! I couldn't be happier for you love!!!

Pinacolada Limited Edition Monroe and Harlow Turban 

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