I was chatting with a friend the other day about bath time for my Chacha girl, when she reminded me about the importance of sanitizing EVERYTHING in the tub. It's something I do every day with her dry toys, but have neglected a bit too long with her foam letters, sea creatures, numbers and boats. I am now making a conscious effort to degunk all them! Here's a quick recipe on how to disinfect them and remove all that gunk and mildew:

5 Steps To De-gunk:

1 part vinegar

3 parts hot water

Mix thoroughly

Wash off toys in solution

Rinse off again with hot water, stand out to dry

P.S. Don't forget to do the same to any bath mats at the bottom of the tub! The suction cups on the bottom of those mats can grow a nasty mold in a matter of days. Yuck!