Honored to be a guest speaker at Mom-O-Rama

 Chacha girl and me with celebrity makeup artist

Kecia Littman

and celebrity stylist

Crystal Pancipanci

. Both work on the set of Hawaii 5-0!

Photography by

David Schauf

I can't tell a lie, when I first launched Modern Moni I had no clue where it was going to go. I knew I wanted to do something that documented my journey as a mommy, but also inspired and shared tips. So when I was given the opportunity to step away from my laptop and speak at an event for mommies I was beyond excited! What's better than blogging you ask??? Meeting your readers of course! I was so pumped!

I teamed up with some incredible makeup artists, celebrity stylists, and trainers to help give mommies  the latest tips on health and wellness. It was all a part of an event called


, put together by

Moms In Hawaii

and HMSA.

We spent the afternoon eating delish pupus, getting mini massages, watching a fashion show and of course sharing inspiring stories! It was THE PERFECT Sunday afternoon :) My quick talk of the day was "How to look like you've slept 8 hours." While I'm definitely not an expert, I chose 5 things that help make me feel like I've got my life



  1. Keeping A Schedule
  2. Health/Fitness
  3. My Secret to Depuffing Eyes
  4. Diaper Bag/ Purse Organization
  5. Getting Awesome Hair in 5 Minutes

Some of these topics are already on the blog so be sure to check them out (click on links). Also check out my amazing sisters

Kecia Littman


Crystal Pancipanci

for the latest makeup and style trends! 

It's only because of my fellow mommies (yes, that means you) and the ones I met at


that I stay up late at night to write about my life experiences. Being a mommy is definitely THE HARDEST AND BEST job in the world and why not stay connected and encourage each other? After all, I think we are all experts in something and have everything to gain by sharing it with one another :)