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David Schauf

Between changing diapers, running errands, and laundry, its easy to lose track of the last time you ate. As a mommy on-the-go, there are a couple days a week where I don't even realize I skipped a meal. Oops! Definitely not a good thing. Keeping snack bars in your purse or diaper bag is a good way to make sure you're getting the energy you need while not wasting any precious time.

My favorite snack bar right now is by


! Not only are all the flavors delish, but they are good for you too. The main ingredients include rolled oats and date paste! Yum! I pack a few of these in my diaper bag on days I know it's going to be a marathon of running errands. They keep you full and are not filled with the junk that most energy bars have in them.

Quick, nutritious snack bars like


have been really important in dropping my post pregnancy weight. Definitely check them out and have a healthy day!

Corazona Oatmeal Squares