Photography by the gorgeous Monica Mae

Charlotte's Garden themed party couldn't have been more perfect. Surrounded by her closest friends from her music and little gym classes, playing with balls, and of course indulging in some chocolate cake!


I knew I wanted her special day to have tons of bright colors just like her fun, bubbly personality. I found the lanterns at a variety of stores including Michael's Craft Store and Party City. Charlotte's favorite part was pointing at 

all the paper lanterns and balls hanging from the trees and our cafe lights in our backyard. 


A little display of her month-by-month photos was the perfect personal touch. I had each photo printed in a 5x7 and then matted them on a colorful turquoise paper. I used little thumb tacks to display them on a tree to show how far my baby girl has come since she made her debut :) It was an easy project that came out pretty darn cute!


I had the smash cake made by a friend, but kept the cupcakes homemade. To keep with the garden theme, I used little plant pots that I bought at a craft store for 69 cents a piece. Place cupcake liners in each pot and bake a cake mix of your choice inside. I placed store bought flowers in each pot once the cupcakes were frosted.


It doesn't tske much to entertain little ones. I bought a ton of balls from the dollar store and thre them on an outdoor blanket I already had and voila! They went to town on those balls.


I spent a lot of time looking online for party hats and didn

't find anything I liked. That's when I decided to do it myself! I used paper grocery bags and traced out a circle from a formua container. I decorated each hat with dots and a sparkly pom pom. It waskind of time consuming but they turned out pretty cute and they adults loved them too!

Thank you so much to everyone who came and all the love you constantly show to my daughter andour family. We are so lucky to have you in our lives. A special thank you to Monica Mae for capturing every stage of Charlotte's first year. You know how emotional I get about it so I'm just going to end by saying I love you.