This project took me a couple of days to complete, but the finished product is worth the effort! My daughter LOVES to look at all the hearts floating above her while she's on the changing table. Not to mention, the entire thing cost me $5 bucks. Not a bad deal considering how expensive artwork can be. You can custom this however you like, think different shapes! Circles, flowers, squares, bears, any easy shape to trace can be made into this wall art. Enjoy!



construction paper, 8-10 colors or patterns

yarn or thin rope

wood rod 1/2 inch thick





drawer hardware (optional for both ends of rod)

How To Make


1) Trace and cut out 80 hearts for the project, I used 8 colors and had 10 hearts in each color

2) Lay out the hearts on the floor into 10 rows of 8 hearts, alternating the colors (there will be some colors that touch)

3) Using a needle, poke 2 holes into each heart, one at the top and one at the bottom

4) Thread your thin rope or yarn into the needle and draw it through each heart (see top picture)

5) Once you have strung 10 hearts onto one string, tie it onto your wood rod.

6) You can space out your hearts once you've completed all steps, and don't worry, the hearts don't fall down the string, they are light!



I bought decorative hardware for drawers and had my hubby drill them into both ends of the rod, this makes it a bit more decorative once it's complete. Hobby Lobby has a great selection!