Photography by the beautiful

Monica Mae

 My husband and I live very active lifestyles, so it was important to incorporate Chacha into our activities once she was old enough. One thing we love to do on weekends is go hiking, whether it's in the Arizona desert or along the beach in Hawaii. After multiple outings, my husband and I got tired of our front baby carrier, and of all the back pains associated with it. It was time to invest in a big girl pack for long hikes. What we found to be the best was


. Below is why it's so awesome!

1. You can have your baby be free standing in the pack if you need a break

2. Your lil nugget can be sun-free with the hidden canopy tucked in the back

 3. Babes fit snug in a standing position, with a soft bar to hold onto along with a drip guard for the spit ups

 4. You don't need someone to help you put it on. Just sit down and strap it on like a back pack. Depending on how heavy your baby is, I'd recommend standing next to something that you can pull yourself up on

5. It has plenty of storage space for looooong hikes and a great system for back support.

Other features:

Built-in whistle

Kick Stand can be pushed in

Mesh back support, good for hot days

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