After traveling to New York, I have a new found appreciation for parents who live in big cities. Commuting from one place to another with a baby is really tough if you live in a place primarily run by public transportation and taxis. Prior to our trip, I went on the internet in search of a plan to get around the city in the most convenient way. This is what I found:

1. It IS legal to take a baby in a taxi without a car seat, but it personally did not sit too well with me

2. Uber Family offers a family option, where drivers with car seats come to pick you up

For us, bringing Chacha's car seat was NOT an option because of how many cars we would be hopping in and out of, so we decided to chance it with

Uber Family


As soon as we touched down in JFK, I requested an Uber family car to pick us up and I couldn't have been more impressed. Our driver was not only a daddy of twins the same age as Chacha girl, but he said Uber required him to go through car seat installation training program. He was so courteous and triple checked everything when it came to Chacha's safety. With cheap prices, great service, and a guaranteed car seat, I highly recommend Uber Family if you're planning a trip to a big city in the near future.

Here's a link to how to use the Uber Family App (super easy)