Photos by the lovely 

Monica Mae

Forget about jewelry! When it comes to accessorizing,

Flash Tattoos

are a fun way to make a statement. I became


with these when I was in Hawaii last month. There are tons of metallic designs to choose from that are simple to apply and remove. One package of these tats contain about 30 styles that look incredible on sun kissed skin.

How To Use:

1) Cut out a design you want to apply

2) Place the tattoo on your skin with the design down

3) Dab the top of the paper with water and wait 5 seconds for the tattoo to stick

4) Slowly slide the white paper away from your skin and voila!

These tattoos last about 1 week if you apply it to an area that you don't shave over. I love putting them on my feet or wrists. As I mentioned they come in tons of styles including bracelets, rings, and even necklaces! You can definitely be creative with these. Share it with your friends on a summer vacay and they will for sure be gone in a



I purchase my Flash Tattoos in small boutiques in Hawaii, but you can order them online