Everyone has their secrets to growing gorgeous hair, but for me it's all about sticking to 3 easy steps:


Pop a Vitamin

Take 1 capsule of 


 in the morning. It has a number of health benefits like helping with metabolism and blood sugar levels, but it also plays an important role in the strength and growth of your HAIR. I've noticed a huge difference in my hair's resilience and glow since starting this vitamin years ago. It's a teeny tiny supplement, so it's easy to pop in the morning along with any other vitamins you make take.


The Oil

Moroccan Oil

is the King of all hair oils! Apply two pumps of Moroccan Oil into your hand and run through towel dried hair. As soon as you start combing through your hair you will feel the difference. This oil does A TON of things for your locks including preventing split ends, repairs damaged hair, protects your hair from hot irons or tools, and controls any unwanted frizz. Not to mention it smells




Hold It

After styling my hair, its important to keep the look I created. I've tried lots of hairsprays in my life and

Living Proof

wins hands down. This product is sulfate free, silicone free and oil free. It creates a long lasting hold and volume without the crunchy, sticky mess that most hairsprays leave behind. I personally think it's super important for you or anyone special in your life to be able to run their fingers through your hair without getting stuck. This product definitely passes the test! Lastly, Living Proof products all have incredibly refreshing smells. Every time I spray this in my hair I get a compliment or people ask what perfume I'm wearing. Incredible stuff!

Quick Tip: As much as possible, try to let your hair air dry. Using a blow dryer on your hair every day is super damaging. Cut back on the hair dryer, let your hair breath and I promise you will see a difference.