I've been a little MIA for the past week, traveling on 4 planes, a couple of buses, and by car; a total of 25 hours in transit to arrive in what I like to call

Safari Paradise

. I guess it's appropriate that they named the lodge we are staying at, "Singita" the Shangaan word for "place of miracles." 

Located in the Southeastern part of Zimbabwe, the Milalangwe Wildlife Reserve is by far one of the most stunning places I've ever visited. We've

 spent the past couple of days exploring the bush by car and even on foot! Putting ourselves in some unforgettable situations, including almost being charged by a white rhino. Probably one of the single most scary moments of my life.

Here's a caption of each photograph from top to bottom:

1. The sun setting over the Milalangwe Trust

2. Fresh passion fruit monitor one of the many signature cocktails served to us after each safari drive

3. Approaching a white rhino and her calf on foot through the bush

4. Beet and goat cheese brioche, served at high tea along with a dozen other petite snacks

5. One of the many beautiful elephants we saw on our drive

6. My favorite animal to see in the wild, a giraffe and her calf lying down underneath her

7. Approaching a group of giraffes on foot

8. Biltong, a delicious dried meat served at sun down with cocktails on the hood of our safari jeep

9. The sun rising over Singita Pamushana

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