Photos by Karlie Colleen

Photos by Karlie Colleen

I've heard it's inevitable for your oldest child to go through ups and downs when you bring home a new baby. My daughter Chacha is just a couple months away from turning 4 years old and I can't help but notice the changes she has gone through over the past couple of months. 



While I wish I could brag and say, "my daughter is the perfect big sister," I can't. It would be a flat out LIE. Chacha has her moments, and more than ever she has needed "mommy time," something that is hard to come by when I'm juggling 3 kids, three years old and younger. 

Three days a week she has after school activities that I drive her to and from. I try and converse with her and give her love, but deep down in my heart I know it's not enough. Especially when she is SUCH a help, handing me diapers, pouring milk for her little sister, and helping soothe her baby brother when mommy is busy taking care of her sister. She does A LOT for an almost-four year old, so I definitely feel the guilt. 



My husband and I recently came back from a 5 day trip away from all the kids, and as hard as it was, I think it was the best thing I could have ever done for Chacha. She has been whining for me so much leading up to this trip and I can honestly say I have noticed a difference since coming back. In those 5 days away, she grew up. I can't really explain it, but it's just the little things: she's not wining as much, she's explaining her feelings more, and doesn't have as much separation anxiety when I leave her with a babysitter, which in a mom's world is everything! 


Chacha's 4th birthday is coming up in December and I've been thinking of ways to make her special day something to remember. My husband and I started talking about what we could do, and I brought up the idea of taking her to Disneyland. JUST CHACHA AND ME. No interruptions from her little sister, no breaks to breastfeed her brother, just us. My husband loved the idea!

We haven't told her yet, I think I'm going to wait until the day before we leave to surprise her. I CANNOT WAIT to see the happiness on her face! 


Bottom line, the whole point of this post was to express my need to give not only Chacha, but each one of my children that special one-on-one time, It's important! Not just from me, but from my husband too. I hope this reminds us all to take the time each and every day, even if it's for five minutes, to remind our children how special each and every one of them are to us.