Photos by Karlie Colleen

Photos by Karlie Colleen

My obsession with indigo died fabrics all started when I was pregnant with my son. I wanted something funky for his crib sheets but wasn't the biggest fan of your typical "boy" prints like cars, superheroes, and basketballs. Don't worry, I will 100% cave into those things once Ru has an opinion but for now, momma wanted something more neutral.

I came across Indigo Rose shop while shopping on Etsy and reached out to Tami, the shop owner about a custom Indigo crib skirt and crib sheet. I knew they were going to be pretty, but when I got my hand died fabrics in the mail I became OBSESSED! Check out my post on Ru's nursery reveal and you will see what I'm talking about!


Tami reached out to me about how she had started doing Indigo dies on baby slings and I knew it was a must to get my hands on one! The icing on the cake was when she told me she could make matching slings for my baby girls! I ABOUT DIED! And so did Chacha. She absolutely loves matching mommy :)


My sling was made by Wild Bird in Lark, and Tami hand died it to match the slings she made for my girls. If you want ANYTHING hand died, Indigo Rose is your one stop shop. She makes everything from swaddles to onesies. You can basically send anything to her and have it died with the color of your choice.

A quick little tip: always make sure to wash hand died products on gentle cycle in COLD water and lay flat to dry. It will preserve your things A LOT longer! xoxo!