Today I'm burying myself in my closet so I can pack for our big summer trip to Hawaii. Now when I say pack, I wish I meant just for me. Not only do I need to pack my things, but I need to do it for my hubby and baby girl. Not to mention prepare for the dreaded 6 hour plane ride! Ahhh! Something that saves my life every trip are my Sugar Snap Files. Never has my diaper bag EVER been so organized, and when you have a baby that is losing their cool on an airplane, you need to find what he or she needs, and you need to find it FAST! This organizational system keeps your baby's things in separate compartments that are labeled, making it easy for you and even Daddy to find.

All the bags are kept on a ring with hooks that you can easily remove if you want to grab just one bag and not lug the entire diaper bag to the restroom with you. If lotion bursts inside, or you spill water on it, clean up is a breeze because of the breathable mesh it is made out of.

 Photos by the amazing

Monica Mae

 You can purchase Sugar Snap Files that have a peel-off sticker and create your own organizational system, or you can find ones that are permanently printed on.

I will show you how these files come in handy when I'm running through the airport in a video blog post coming next week!

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