It's official! I'm shooting my first video post for Modern Moni today! Woohoo! The topic for my first video is surviving the airport with your baby. I am definitely NOT an expert when it comes to traveling with a little one, but I've done it enough to know how to come out alive at the end of a six hour flight. From checking luggage to changing your baby's diaper on an airplane, I've got you covered! The only way I can do it? With my AHmazing GoProHero3 that my hubby got me. Love you babes! I couldn't be more pumped!

I've been fiddling with all the accessories it comes with and invested in a head piece (laugh all you want) and a clamp! The head piece and the clamp will leave me hands free so I can easily chat with you while walking through the airport. Hopefully it will give you Mommy's and Daddy's at home a little bit of ease watching (and probably laughing) at how I get things done. But hey, it works for me! Wish me luck!

Next stop, Honolulu!!! Aloha!